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Planning to be Incredible

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A group of Leeds Metropolitan University MA student planners came to see how and where we grow around town in Tod.
Students from Leeds met University visit IET
Mary was speaking in Northumberland so I gave my first real presentation,
I hope I did a good job and didn’t let the side down. I’m totally at ease walking around town and talking, but standing in one place telling the incredible story is altogether different.
Estelle talks about Incredible Edible
After the slide show we went walk about to see it all for real
planning students from Leeds met look at tow path planting
from tow path to pavement anything is possible,
MA planning students look at town centre growing beds
could campus concrete sprout lush veggies? All it would take is some careful planning and a way of seeing things a little differently.

It was bitterly cold so we were very happy to get back and have hot vegan soup fresh salad with greek olives made for us by Sofka
Sofka cooking lunch at the Unitarian

Once we were all warm and full of food, Leonello Trivelli a researcher from Italy who has been working with us for 15 weeks reported on his findings to date.
Leonello Trivelli presents some of his research
We are looking forward to reading hie completed evaluation, the figures are sounding quite good so far and his papers have some interesting comments.

Planning students question Melvin, jenny, Pam and Estelle
Pam, Jenny and Melvin arrived at 1.30 and Lindsay chaired a Q&A session where the students got to ask any or all of us about what we have done and what we hope to do.

By 3pm we were all talked out and the students went back into town to shop in our super market.

Could Leeds Metropolitan University have an incredible edible campus?
Watch this space to find out

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