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Procurement Policy for Incredible Edible Todmorden

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Procurement Policy for Incredible Edible Todmorden

In the early days of IET, most of the materials, tools, seeds, plants etc were donated by individuals or businesses. More recently we have become recipi-ents of some income and capital and therefore now have greater spending power. In this context, we felt the need for an agreed set of principles to govern how, and from whom, we purchase goods and services. This is with an eye both to ethical trading and sound management of our finances.

We acknowledge that none of our principals are absolute and we won’t al-ways have full knowledge, for example, of how an employer treats their staff or sources their raw materials. However we will, to the best of our knowledge, adhere to these principals wherever practical.

We also hope that by publishing this policy on our website, we can demonstrate our commitment to local businesses and the local economy and set an example for others to follow.


• Shop and access services locally (preferably within 30 miles) to support the local economy and keep our carbon footprint small

• Re-use, repair, recycle and reduce waste as much as possible

• Purchase seasonally available goods

• Don’t use harmful or toxic substances

• Avoid businesses that use exploitative labour practices

• Where possible and appropriate, open accounts with local businesses and negotiate a discount

• Use businesses and services that adhere to all of the above

• Any proposed expenditure that would exceed £1,000 will be taken to the full committee for consideration

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