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Propaganda Gardens......Mary's garden

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‘Growing Bridges’

Mary veg garden
This is the beginning of the Fielden Square garden, a garden for everyone.
This garden will be planted with fruit and vegetables, its not fancy or special, its made using soil imported from the compost at the Unitarian church and all seeds are the cheapest available or given by my new found gardening friend Ali.
Ali loves to see a garden and he has brought me coriander, garlic, radish –two types and a special seed from his homeland in Bangladesh.
The very best seeds so far are these salad stuffs 4 packets for a pound from the pound shop. The onion packets are Lidl’s really cheap-29pence

Ali’s wife is growing some indoors coriander for the garden, mine has sprouted but Ali reckons the indoors sprouted is better.
I wonder would we have been friends without the garden? What would we have had to talk about everyday?
Ali is very keen on chickens and he told me that in his country everyone has them, he and I like to admire the hens when he is not too busy in the restaurant.
Many of my neighbours who live up the hill are without gardens fit to grow in, they like to come and see what progress we are making, the children like to call up to the hens in the morning on the way to school.
I have noticed nearly every passing male above a certain age is a hen expert, so the future is good for the birds. big boy

I could grow a fancy garden; I could plant in whatever I want.
I have chosen to use things that are low cost or free to show that it can be done, like my trees in dustbins.
bin garden
I have Quince, Plums pear and Apple in the bins, so far in year 3 doing ok

The shopping bag trial is underway on my shed roof. The bags have potatoes and blueberries in them and soon a salad crop will be added.
roof bag gardening

On the other shed roof we are experimenting with growing, it does not have all the layers of expensive stuff you are supposed to use; my idea is to have strawberries growing down over the roadside so passers by can pick them.
The roof is in a frost pocket, so far it’s working, I want it to grow food for bees, as a hive is next!
roof garden
fred at work


Gifts keep coming, here is some rhubarb from up the road, today it was some empty pots, the best gift of all is when I can give someone a pot of something to try.
Gardening is a gift, growing stuff and sharing is a gift.
The bus driver toots on his way past, pensioners smile and wave, children love to smell and taste the herbs.
purple bucket gardening
broccoli seedlings
Another gift, broccoli that I trod on by mistake!
Build a garden, build a bridge!
freds new garden
freds beds

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