Raised bed costs

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We do sometimes get asked how much things cost,
The other day we were asked how much it costs to build a raised bed which isn’t any easy question to answer. It depends if you buy new timber, or recycle old, quite often you can get pallets for free and by reusing the wood can build the shell for the cost of a handful of screws.

This bed below was built at the job centre and had to be large and good looking so we spent £200.00 on timber
Raised bed at Job centre
The compost was donated free by TEG who compost food waste collected from homes across Calderdale, sadly no longer available. Some district and borough councils do have free or low-cost compost schemes so always worth asking if your council has one. If not some shopping around will be needed to find the best value for money compost in your area.
So you see the cost can vary depending on what materials you use.

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