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Ramblers come down off the hills

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One of the many reasons for creating our green route was to tempt ramblers down from them there hills and into our incredible town. Today exactly one year and 11 days after the launch we hosted our first group of 53 Gedling Ramblers for a talk and a tour. They came all the way from Nottingham but were held up when their coach broke down, I think boots are still more reliable than buses.
But it was all good and once everyone was seated with a brew Mary talked about all things incredible edible and explained why we do what we do.
Mary presents to 53 ramblers from Nottingham
after the presentation we divided up in three and Penny, Robin and myself led a group each around the town centre growing sites.
I lead my merry band straight along to the Police station where the last remaining spaces had just been filled by the third Sunday morning work party. What used to be the corn bed is now full of lovely big zucchini plants.
old corn bed at police station now zucchini
We still have a fair cob (corn) it just has a new home in the next planter.
New Corn bed at the police station
We had a great discussion about relationship built between our bobbies and the community, and the incredible kit we are given by the police after drugs farm raids.
From here we went to pollination street, where the mown area of the wild meadow had become a mini crease for Tod’s future test cricketers
New crease on Pollination Street
the sound of leather on willow added to the almost summery atmosphere.
All three groups had set off in different directions but everyone was back on the bus for the drivers deadline of 4.30pm, where we had to say our goodbyes.
on the dot of 4.30 we said goodbye

It was a very good day all round, ramblers are great hopefully this is the first group of many.

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