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Research, bus stops and summer.

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Sometimes as a volunteer it’s hard to swallow criticism, it’s so tempting to deny those who see no value in what you do.
I had one of those moments today, when a researcher told us that not everyone thinks it’s a good idea and some people think it’s a clique and hard to get involved.
In my heart I wanted to shout out, “well blooming look on the website” and “blimey don’t they know we want less work to do.” I stayed silent, as the chairperson I am all about trying hard, second chances and building bridges.
All was beautifully resolved by Jude’s comment, “well I am a volunteer so it’s up to me how I waste my own time “
That’s the beauty of not taking grant money. That’s the upside of volunteering; we are not wedded to the old ways of work.
friendly volunteers
We are the most welcoming clique I know but hey I don’t get out that much to judge.

The Bus stop bed has been redone after all these years, Jack and John gave the plants some attention, then came back and sorted the ivy.
Fred working hard
The bus stop bed has been a joy to observe over the years, it’s on the road up to Longfield Estate and used to be the first stop to allow the dogs to crap.
Otto helping
Over the years everyone has become prouder of where they live.
Mike lives up the hill and he has a litter picker he keeps the hill clean and tidy.
We asked the council to add a bench to the bus stop they said no years ago, young people might sit on it and make a noise, it’s too close to the road, health and safety.
We fixed that by putting a bench out that belonged to us, it was so well used for three years, old folk taking a break as it’s a pretty big hill, folk waiting for a bus, and folk using the bench as a meeting place.
Things do change, the council have now installed a lovely bench,
bus stop bench
part of the slow down traffic scheme and the desire to get people outside combating loneliness. It works; I have seen hoodies and hunks sitting in the sun, wrinklies and tinies sharing a joke.
The bird box has birds in it and the angel mosaic makes folk smile.
bus stop angel
The telegraph pole is our notice board. A mucky corner made nice, small but useful.

This year has been busy, or is it that we are older?
We swore never to do tours in winter, but hey we broke that rule.
We have had record numbers come to gardening Sunday and need more folk to lead.
We scratch our heads at the committee meetings figuring ways to square the circle of dreams and needs.
Today we were discussing training, public art, bed rebuilding, books and coach trips.
We wondered about making soap lessons, creams and potions, we pondered about grafting and pruning and ethical banking.
It’s going to be a great year, a busy year, and when we get to see the finished research I am sure it will also say some really good stuff.

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