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Roof Garden Before and After.

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Mary’s space saving gardens, a cut above.

This is the roof garden that Fred and Mary made, pretty experimental stuff this, for obvious reasons it cant be too heavy, and as you can see it is quite shallow as beds go.

The experimental roof garden is not experimental any more, it worked really well and is an unqualified success. The first season raised a good crop.

Not only is there this roof garden, but just a few feet below is another, the weight was kept down in this one by planting in earth on top of polyester duvets.

Despite the frost there is still some good looking red cabbage ready.
Now that is a good use of space but it doesn’t stop there, not even the tops of wall are left supplanted.
wooden raised beds sit on the top of the high stone wall and these have been very prolific growers.

All these photos except the before shot were taken on the twenty first of January, in temperatures below freezing and not long after several weeks of snow, a good test by any standard.

Well I think that proves that roof gardens can grow very well without being deep and heavy, so if you have a flat roof why not have a go?

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