Scooper Poo Sunday!

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And what a Super Sunday it turned out to be – full of super heroes working together to ensure that our fruit trees and bushes and our veggies had the best possible start for the next growing season.
It all started with the folks up at the Longfield Equestrian Centre – or more accurately their horses, who kindly supplied, free of charge, lots of lovely well-rotted horse poo. Then there was Super Hero Derek, an expert in precision tipping, who sorted out some top class poo, loaded it on his trailer and brought it down to the town centre to be deposited just where we needed it at the Health Centre and outside the Community College.
The steaming piles were immediately attacked by another gang of super heroes,
a merry muckin band
never too young to shovel poo
orange is the new black
fifteen adults and five young people, who shovelled and barrowed,
kings of poo castle
the smart way to barrow muck
spread and distributed the poo to beds at the Health Centre,
Hi Ho, its to the cop shop we go, (with a barrow load of muck)
The Community College and at the Police Station.
Kirsten and john muck spreading at the police station
They then swept and brushed up to ensure that no poo was left where it should not be.
soon there will be no trace of the poo pile
Peter, who not only shovelled but also took some pictures and Estelle ensured that our efforts were recorded.
Can there be more super heroes? YES! For up at the Unitarian Church Hilary and her band of cooks were cooking up a delicious lunch for our hungry poo shovellers,
Poo Sunday incredible Christmas celebration
and Mary and Fred were ensuring that the tables were laid and all was warm and welcoming.
Incredible Edible Tods Christmas celbration lunch
We all got up the drive safely thanks to Wes clearing the leaves with help from Alex who carried them to the compost heap by the bagfull
Alex clearing leaves
There just are not words enough to say how great it was to be part of this wonderful community effort and how many thanks are due to all who helped. Our reward will be to see our growing things flourish again next year and to see the people of Todmorden again able to pick for free their own fruit and vegetables.

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