Soggy but unbowed at Tomorden Show.

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Waders and Welles the order of the day.

Most of the park was flooded some tents had to be abandoned to the water.

But in true incredible style we kept calm and carried on

The IET tent was full to bursting with loads going on all around

Everyone loved the incredible BFG and lots of special beans were planted in hopes of growing a magic beanstalk for him?

The poor giant was quite overcome by all this attention and needed the assistance of the St John’s ambulance

A few chest compressions and mouth to mouth soon saw him right as rain.

All this work needs energy so smoothies were the answer, just a little more exersion needed to make one.

Too much like hard work, well there was elderflower champagne or freshly pressed apple juice

Nick had salad leaves and fabulous apple trees make at Incredible Edible Growing Ltd Walsden, now on sale at Gordon Riggs garden centre

Helena ran the ever popular guess ther herb competition,

the schools did well with almost all of them getting their entries in for The growing competition, judged this year by Shirley Fielder.

and the winner was

But everyone was a winner as was the show, another incredible grand day out floods included

more to be added including voxpop so keep checking back

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