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Spinning the learning plate for young and old

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Today I was privileged to do a talk and tour for folks from the Friends of Stoneleigh Park project Derker in Oldham.
visitors from If Oldham
They were a group of young people who are from the volunteer lead Friday youth project which If Oldham (incredible futures) support with cooking and growing activities each Friday in the park.
Friends of Stoneleigh Park project Derker in Oldham
they were a very attentive audience and asked very pertinent questions
after a talk and Q&A there was hot cheese fondue backed in a pumpkin
cheese fondue made by our visitors
it was a real treat
taste testing
All warmed up we sett on a tour of Tod, here we are at the mural where they had to find, rabbits, bees, jackdaws, ladybirds, ants, butterflies and a guineapig Ben and Oliver found all the critters in the mural and some real life ones in the bed
finding critters
then they had to tell us which was the odd one out, do you know the answer? It’s guineapig all the others all now live naturally in the wild in the UK.
Off we went under the horse tunnel and most of the group through the play hive
going through the play hive 1 going through the play hive 2 going through the play hive 3going through the play hive 4going through the play hive 5even big kids play
then it was along the towpath learng about craetures that live in the soil, pollinators and and things that like the dark,
collecting leaves and photographs
We gathered leaves and seed pods and took loads of photos
the Apothecary was very colourful
apothecary garden
and Oliver found some great specimins
Oliver has leave seedpods and twigs
there was still plenty to tase at the college
tasting leaves at the college beds
in spite of the time of year
plenty to taste
and it didnt spoil our appitite which was good as these young people had cooked a lunch of Pumkin soup and brought it with them, being fed by our guests was a real treat
very good herby pumpkin soup
This group included Young Green Leaders who are supported through “Our Bright futures Project” supported by Groundwork.
They were certainly on the ball and we learned a lot from each other.
Come back soon guys

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