Starting the year with more than just veg

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We have been doing a lot of tidying of beds when the rain has let up enough and we had our first visitors of 2014, four lovely ladies from Tameside
Scouting party from Tameside
who came over to get a taste of incredible edible before booking tours for a larger groups later in the year. Bookings are starting to come in fast so there will be a lot of visitors again this summer.

But it isn’t all about food, we like to encourage other local talent too as can be seen by the art work around the green route and now at the railway station the front door to our town.
new incredible station sign
Where the station friends signal the start of a great year with an incredible new platform sign designed by local artist Jake Blanchard, sponsored and erected by VolkerStevin who have been so generous over the last few years, sadly they leave Tod in another few weeks, but their presence will be felt for years to come through all the things they have done for IET and the town as a whole.

Mary clear of the station friends said
“its been great to get off to such a positive start with our new sign.
we have been so lucky to have had the help of VolkerStevin, the stations friends, and Northern, we were lucky enough to be able to commission a Todmorden graphic designer to create the image Jake Blanchard
the sign has many important landmarks and shows local fauna and flora, we have tried to capture lots of things, the rare twite, the fox who took my hens and the dear badgers that are fond of our hill sides.
We met the designer once and gave him a list of what we thought were the important aspects, he has captured everything from the bees to the brass band, we have a ufo and atom splitter. Have a good look and see what you can find”
Barny Fryer of the friends said, Over the years the station has really changed, its so much busier, cleaner and even the cat is much fatter, the platforms are safer and have a community feel.
There are not many towns like ours with free herbs, a library in the waiting room and a chance to enjoy the view of hills awhile waiting for the train.

We think 2014 will be a very special year

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