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Stockport Homes second visit to Todmorden

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When Gemma and a group from Stocport homes came to visit on August the 8th I wasn’t able to meet them as I had other commitments, so Melvin was host and tour guide for the day, when a second group booked a tour for yesterday I was determined I wouldn’t miss it. We allso had the added bonus of Nikki the manager at The Incredible Farm managing to squeeze a trip into her busy schedule.
Meeting at the Unitarian we were joined by two ladies from Holmfirth who had also come to find out more about us.
The weather was kind and we had a dry morning so off we set along the canal to the health centre and apothecary garden, which is looking especially good with the paths newly cleared of overgrowing plants.
Estelle talks to visitors from Stockport about the heath centre growing
pressing on we went to pollination street, with a quick wave to Svet at Kava as we passed.
visitors on Pollination street
Nikki got down with the younguns at the bee hive
Nikki shows small people the bees
It was really great having Nikki along as when I said this or that local business used produce from the farm she was able to fill in detail that I wouldn’t know. We also talked about the farms pop up shop and honey. Come again anytime Nikki.
After our tour it was back to the Unitarian for lunch, while we toiled up the drive young legs raced up the hill
the other way up to the church
Lunch was amazing Mary and Daisy done us proud
incredible lunch for Stockport tour
with Blackberry and nectarine crumble topped with chocolate for a really wicked pudding
blackberry nectarine and chocolate crumble
Halli thanked us for lunch
Halli with her message
It was a very good day spent with lovely people,
Mary and Nikki with visitors
but enough from me here is what the young people thought about it

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