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Stop me and join one

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An incredible tour that is.

If you see one of these jackets and fancy tagging along please do so

we are always happy for folk join us as we show visitors around our incredible town. Today we had 14 lovely peopl from Holt Park Tenants and Residents Association
Rhona and I had a lovely time showing them what we are doing here and
hearing about what is happening over in Holt Park.
Half way through the all day tour we stopped at Bridge Cafe for lunch

the staff weren’t at all fazed by having a written order for 16 lunches coffees and teas all at once, including an all day breakfast and three chip butties

on the way back there was a stop at the market to buy tasty local cheeses and some delicious Porcus sausages.

a few of the group stayed to do more serious market shopping before being
collected by the coach on it’s way back to Leeds.

I do hope they enjoyed their visit as much as we loved showing them around

Don’t forget now, any time you see an Incredible Edible Tour jacket you are welcome to say hello and join the group

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