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Strasbourg to disused American army base

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Chilly to boiling hot
Wealth to poverty.
busy woman is burning, I have spent the week walking in daylight and darkness, in the rough and the smooth of Athens streets to get a an idea of what’s going on.
not so long ago at the council of Europe in Strasbourg I met a woman in the toilets, I had just done the story of Todmorden folk trying to make a difference, whilst washing our hands the woman said that would never happen in Greece it’s impossible. Apparently I said, “nothing is impossible, let me know when you are ready and I will come and help.”

So here I am, in the busy city waiting to see what the young Greeks will think of food and kindness. The event is a long way from our base camp, at the end of the tube line, we did a reccy in the week and spent hours lost on a disused airbase in the boiling sun,
who knows
a guy tried to nick our train ticket while I picked eucalyptus flowers, we left frantic messages on foreign answer phones, realised we can’t find stuff using the suns position, we found the venue just as I was about to say that’s it I want to go home.

I’m not that interested in politicians and fancy talks in carpeted rooms with head phones with slick translators, this unknown place is where the activism lies. I am hoping to see some lizards today,
strange spiky fruit Greece
so far hardly a living creature,
strange fruit

I have my clicker and memory stick, factor 30 and water. It’s daunting to go and speak of our actions in a country where folk are starving and the systems are breaking, I don’t want to seem cocky and tell Greeks the answer is us, it is not, but kindness is KING is what ever country you are in.

What does self organised mean??
It means this, get there yourself, pay for yourself, sort out your own accommodation. It also means participate fully, don’t expect to be entertained, grasp every opportunity to learn.
So before anyone thinks it’s a jolly to pop over to Athens, think again, a country suffering in huge trouble, looking for solutions.
activists in the round
very visual feedback
The whoe place was busy inside and out
all home made
Nick Green type stall
free cloths and toys
We were amazed at the passion and political literacy of the participants, particularly the
Spanish who have created networks across Spain to challenge government policies.
Spanish activists
This self organised event was tough, you don’t get to follow the agenda to the nail or even
30 minutes either way.
The search for interpreters begins late in the day, and the intensity of discussion is quite something. I have learnt a lot from the visit, and the biggest learning is how ignorant I am in terms of democracy, and political agitation, organisation, and mobilisation.

The great news is hundreds of young people are able to self organise, come together to
discuss the important issues and create a space to learn from others.

Bravo hot Greece .
It will nice to be in Eastbourne………..

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