Sufi guru Mowlaana Shaykh Muhammad Adil Al Haqqani An Naqshbandi

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When Mary emailed to say two princes had called at her house I wasn’t sure, but Mary never lies and sure enough, when I met Abdul and Khalid today they did look exactly like Arabian royalty
Abdul and Khalid
They had called to arrange for Sufi guru Mowlaana Shaykh Muhammad Adil Al Haqqani An Naqshbandi to visit and hear all about IET what an honour we were absolutely delighted to say yes.
We picked roses and made mint tea which we drank while Mary gave a presentation, everyone listened intently.
our visitors listen to the incredible story
then we tasted herbs, chatted and the guru told us we could use a fennel infusion to help control blood pressure while folk took photos.
everyone wants a photo
The guru took some quiet time to pray and bless his followers before taking a walk in the grounds of the Unitation.
a walk in the church grounds
Shaykh Muhammad is normally based in Turkey, however since the passing of his holy father he is now living in Northern Cyprus but travels to share his message, staying for a while in the UK.
All too soon it was time to go, but not before the guru gave us a message for incredibles everywhere.

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