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Summer fruit tree grafting

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After the phenominal successs of our whip and tounge grafting in the spring we have had a crack at two summer grafting teqniques, budding and T grafting. Weve tried it here on apples, if we have success we can try it on stone fruits next year if we buy in the rootstocks.

Both use a slice of the variety we want to replicate like so……


cut like this
chip cutting

from a young shoot like this. Each leaf stalk has an embrio bud at the base and its this that will sprout, hopefully, turning into a new tree.


having cut the chip out of the shoot there are two different methods of grafting it onto the rootstock.

T budding, which we will show here, is season dependent, August only when the bark “slips” or can be peeled back easily. And chipping, which is less season critical, July to late August is fine. Weve done quite a few of these, and we will see how they take, heres one we did a month ago, looking nice, its been “adopted “ by the rootstock, and looks alive, we wont see if its going to sprout till spring.
Taken chip graft

And this is where a different, failed graft fell off,but no matter we can still use the potted rootstock for spring grafting.
failed chip

theres a cracking little video of chip budding here
The T budding tequnique is a little different,
The rootstock is cut thus
T budding
T budding

peeled back
peeling back bark

like this
t bud open
and pop the chip in
T budding
T budding
and tape up with parafilm
T budding

The tape can come off in 3 weeks, if the peteole stub falls off thats good news!
But we dont find out till theyve taken till next growing season.

The good news these tequniques, esp chipping are very easy and quick!

So more news next april !

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