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Summer tidying

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Sunday the 31st of July saw a resolute group of 6 incredible women working on the town centre beds. We were delighted to see that broad beans and cabbages had been harvested – hope who ever picked them enjoyed them, however the cabbage stalks and spent bean plants needed to be cleared away and the beds tidied.

Four of us went to the college beds tidied them and planted some winter cabbage while

two others started on the station beds and then we all gathered at the station to tidy ‘Reg’s Beds’ and didn’t they need it! The mares tail was beginning to take a hold and a very large family of ants had decided that one of the raised beds was a wonderful place to make a home. 3/4 of an hour later the mares tail had been knocked back; we know it will come again but at least for now it is not winning, and the ants had moved their home to a corner of the bed rather than in the middle.

Reg’s Beds are now growing Kale, cabbages and celeriac – all they need is a little rain to settle the new plants in and help them grow.

Next Sunday, the 7th is our regular Sunday muck’in Sunday – lots to do still to keep the beds looking good and to keep the weeds at bay particularly around the apothecary garden so all hands are needed and welcome. Meet at the Unitarian Church at 2.00 pm and then we will disperse around the town, if you can’t make it for 2.00 then join us later. We will be digging, weeding and sharing a good laugh until about 4.00pm.

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