Sunday clean up after the show picnic

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Sunday morning at 10 am we were all back on the show ground litter picking and loading skips with rubbish
while the Marquee gang took down all the huge tents, at 12 we all stopped for lunch and invited the tent guys to join us.
Mary and Daisy set too cooking in the shade under the trees
Mary and Daisy start cooking the picnic lunch
there was such a variety of food donated by local traders from yesterdays show.
we had cheese, honey, sauerkraut, chutney, bread, fudge and more
SJ gave us Porcus sausages
sausages cordial and more.
The Vedas Indian restaurant in Todmorden sent us curries
The Vedas sent fabulous curries
Madeleine made an incredible bean stew
Madeleine made an incredible bean stew
we had a posh cloth with goodies
lovely cloth with loads of goodies given by yesterdays local traders
And once Daisy and Mary had cooked, stirred and heated everything in sight we all sat down to eat
eating and keeping cool under the treas
The tent men joined us
The Marquee gang came and joined us
The boss said they really appreciated being invited, he said that though they erect marquees everywhere
no one had ever given the lunch before.
Maybe this will become a fixture now for the morning after the show.

Our youngest volunteer the beautiful Rashida slept through it all
Rashida our youngest volunteer slept all through the picnic
just happy and relaxed with her mum and dad Khalid and Jay
New volunteers Khalid and Jay
We got a lot of work done and thoroughly enjoyed sharing enjoyed sharing fab food together afterwards.
volunteer picnic
you just cant beat working together and eating together and sharing kindness with others.

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