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Sunny Sunday

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Wow! The sun blasted us today, the town was so busy with walkers and bikers soaking it up.
We were gardening with our team.
32 people ate together afterwards, lots of noise as people catch up since their last meeting.
sunday workers lunch
The site of that long table makes me feel warm and happy. I don’t know why it affects me so
If ever you get a chance come and join us, you don’t need to pay or even garden, come and see for yourself radical community building in action, come and feel what it’s like to eat in a crowd.
I promise you that you will understand completely why we do what we do.
There are stories around that table, rich, rich tales, of love and loss, depression, loneliness, and those who are so glad to have what they do, they want to celebrate life.
Come, come and feel your heart soar, because in this trumped up, screwed up world we all need hope.

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