Sunny third Sunday and summer plans

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The has rain stopped the hurricane winds dropped to a mere breeze can this really be Todmorden?
well yes surprising as it is we had a bright, bright sunshiny day.
So wrapped up against the chill volunteers went to work weeding the apothecary garden at the health centre
getting down to work
and pruning the fruit bushes
Shirley prunes fruit bushes
there was a good turnout and the team soon had the garden looking better
incredible volunteers at the apothecary garden
once all the weeding is finished and the gaps in the planting can be clearly seen there will be a meeting of minds to decide what’s next.
at 12 o’clock it was time to share food at the monthly community group meeting.
We had a very exiting agenda withe everything from International women’s Day and the carnival
third Sunday community meeting agenda
to Le Grand Depart and Tour de Tod, so while we ate a fabulous vegan lunch made by Hilary
third Sunday vegan lunch
We talked about prams and vegetable babies, heritage trees, a bunkhouse for visitors and volunteers, the Agricultural show and canal side clean up and fruit planting day.
and over incredibly tasty home made cake,
third Sunday cake
third Sunday vegan biscuits
and chocolates we discussed grafting heritage apple trees and the three week
third Sunday chocolate
arts festival where incredible food and the chai guys IEtea will be served.

So much to talk about, it is going to be one heck of a summer, we just need some warm sunshine to make it perfect

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