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Tardy tour guide catching up, Tea Towel Tour

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I have been very remiss “so much to do so little time* but trying hard to catch up so let me start dear reader by telling you about the tea towel tour.
It all started when Nikki, Mary and I were sitting on the bench in Mary’s garden putting the world to rights as you do. When Nikki showed us a tea towel a group she worked with in Oldham had just made, now we get through a lot of tea towels at our events, so when Nikki mentioned bringing a group for a tour and asked what it would cost I immediately said it would two tea towels and Mary agreed so the deal was made.
Now when the group arrived we actually got 4 tea towels presented to us by Mackenzie and Mackelvie
Mackenzie and Mackelvie with tea towells
We were very happy these lovely folk came to visit as we had heard a lot about what the were doing with their community garden and Barker Street Oldham, growing and sharing food just like we do here.
Mary gave them a presentation and told them how we do it
Mary giving presentation to Oldham group
and everyone was absolutely enthralled and listened intently

Oldham group listen intently to Mary's presentation
It was a real scratch and sniff and taste tour
 a scratch and sniff and taste moment
Mackenzie was up for tasting anything and on our way round we ate fennel, forget me not flowers, Welsh poppy petals, chive flowers and rose petals and other herbs.
I so want the to come back when the fruit is ready so Mackenzie and Mackelvie can pick apricots straight of the tree
We were able to share a few things with them like a few rooted mint plants from the apothecary beds for their community garden
gathering mint
and some Asian mint from Pollination Street is going to barker Street
gathering Asian mint for Barker Street
the boys did a grand job plant collecting and Mackelvie was incredible with a trowel.
It was a lovely sunny day and we took a photo brake on pollination street
Oldham tour
then it was on to the police station where the star attraction for lads was the police land Rover, well we all know about boys and their toys
the lads loved the boys toys at the police station
we finally ended our tour at the railway station where the boys checked out the car park growing.
checking out the railway station beds
We know these folk will be doers not talkers and go back and make a real difference in their communities it was just an absolute joy hosting them.

come back soon folks, we’ll get kettle on

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