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Terrific Third Sunday with new friends from South Korea

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On my way to the August community group meeting I snapped our incredible volunteers working at the police station where I met our new volunteer for the day Pilju from South Korea
third Sunday volunteers at work
a little further on I came across Adam, new volunteer Lou, Stephen and Sam cleaning up after their work at the college.
Adam, Lou, Stephen and Sam clean up at the college
I hurried on as I wanted to help get things ready for our community group meeting but when I arrived Mary had the lovely lunch she had made from the fruits of our labour already set out on the table.
Mary's third Sunday community group lunch
There was a wonderful savoury rice with local vegetables and a wonderful local salad with special dressing.
Sam brought lovely lavender biscuits and to follow was an incredible cake baked by Josephine and we elderflower cordial to drink.
community group meeting starts with lunch
All was very well received and rapidly disappeared, I love our community meeting lunches.
There was a lot to discuss as we have so many events coming up and we need lots of help.
I’m sure busy woman will saying more about all the great thing coming up, like our very special harvest celebration on September 22nd followed the following weekend by the joint Network RSA event on the 28th more here
I don’t normally do tours on third Sundays but after a great lunch with good company the sun came out and I just couldn’t resist showing Kangsuk and Pilju the rest of our town centre growing. So we set off along the tow path stopping at the living hive, on to the health centre and theatre beds stopping for a quick photo opportunity at Physio & Therapies very bountiful food to share bed
Kangsuk and Pilju Lee from Seoul South Korea
as Pliju had already spent the morning working at the college and the cop shop we headed to pollination street and then up to the railway station, where we spotted other visitors investigating the station beds.
visitors exploring the growing beds for themselves
I just couldn’t resist taking our guests to my old Sunday afternoon hang out Platform 1 Art Gallery where Jack showed them a water colour he had done of Gyeongju in South Korea
Kangsuk and Pilju meet Jack at the art gallery
It was lovely showing new friends around and dropping in to see old ones on a sunny Sunday afternoon.
Sometimes life is just so good, but I will let new friends Kansuk and Pilju have the last word

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