The afternoon of the day before ? VolkerStevin to the rescue

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VolkerStevin to the rescue again

Tomorrow is Big Planting day when 55 bankers are coming to plant the green route, we have some incredible trees that Mary hunted down especially for the new community garden and they needed posts for the wire supports. With only 24 hours to get this sorted our wonderful knights in shining hard hats came to the rescue again, digging and concreting, measuring and making level, no guess work here, all the wires were spaced with precision.

At close of play it looked simply grand, all raked and tidied

The concrete around the posts set overnight ready for the trees to be planted tomorrow. There are fantastic fans and excellent espaliers so everyone will have fruit to share in season. Now that’s what I call a proper job.
All these guys deserve medals like Terry here.
We couldn’t have done half the things we have this year without their help.
From moving the immovable to collecting and storing giant planters nothing has been too much trouble.
VolkerStevin& are the most amazingly helpful company and these men always have a friendly smile for us when we go asking for help.

A huge heartfelt incredible thankyou to our Volker Knights
and to this great community minded company

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