The *Eggs Factor* at Tod High!

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Children from four of Todmorden’s primary schools spent a morning at the High School this week learning about where good food comes from and how to grow and cook it. They had a go at making delicious vegetable soup and met some Gloucester Old Spot pigs, whilst Ruth from Food for Life talked about the glories of compost.

Pupils from Ferney Lee, Castle Hill, National and Cornholme Primaries learnt all about egg production with IET Food Inspirer Debbie.

They looked at the different types of egg production from free range to battery systems, learnt how to read the stamp on shop-bought eggs and talked about Incredible Edible’s Egg Map.
These two look confident about their Egg Quiz answers…

…while a heated debate takes off here.

Furrowed brows in the Cornholme corner,
and National School looking confident.

Everyone worked really hard and the quiz at the end proved that they are all Eggs-perts now. A big thank you to everyone for making it such an egg-cellent day!

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