The first Bear Café IETea party

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After a morning spent answering emails and making presentations
and an afternoon of meetings the Bear café’s afternoon IETea Party with friends was just perfect.
It took me back in time to the 40s when as a child I can remember tea emporiums with staff a little like this
remember when?
To a background of evocative swing music we drank tea made in china teapots with not a teabag in sight.
Not a tea bag insight at the Bear IETea party
This was real tea that tasted of actual leaves, just perfect for sharing
Sally helps Jane to a cup of English breakfast tea
In spite of the occasional snow blizzard there were plenty of takers
satisfied IETea drinkers
and the cakes disappeared fast when the young super munchers arrived.
well that plate of cakes soon went
But no need to worry there was plenty more for everyone, served by
lovely Bear staff Terri and the man behind IETea Adam Entwistle
Have some IETea and cake
This was just the first of many regular Tuesday afternoon tea parties
courtesy of the Bear so do come and join us Tuesdays at 3pm.
three pounds ten shillings
Read all about the reasons behind the Tuesday
afternoon teas in Adams IETea Tuesdays blog here

drink tea and think free
Find out more about Adam’s incredible enterprise on his website

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