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The first Incredible Sunday planting

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Will anyone come?

Bank holiday Sunday cold and windy, would anyone want to come and plant? Each event I worry that this one will be the one that no one comes to.
Oh me of little faith, I should have learned by now, that these things are incredible.
Here is a Wakefield incredible who brought us seeds he had saved from his home grown veg.

I love the sound of “golden sweet” mange-tout

Outside everyone was getting busy, Pam was off to plant in the graveyard.

There are some new roses to go in, especially chosen for their smell, which also means flavour, rose petals give a lovely scented taste to a summer salad, and frosted are good on cakes and desserts.
They aren’t going in just yet, John gave excellent advice about replacing old rose plants and the need to plant the new ones in fresh soil to avoid disease, so some compost is needed.

They will be gong in soon, meanwhile the edging around the untidy bed to make it presentable was started.

Keep going guys, it will soon reach right around

Further along John was giving Mary advice on the best way to go about things, and Chris is appointed plant detective and has taken photos of a plant we don’t know in order to track down what it may be.
The fruit and rhubarb bed they are standing in front of needs work.

The bank needed weeding and some serious work too.

The girl in blue on her knees was down visiting from Edinburgh and decided to come along and get stuck in.
Being the new promoter doesn’t save you from getting dirty, but Joan looks happy getting hands on with the planting

The weed expert thought the Dandelion situation needed sorting out.

Mary said it was great to make a start on the new edible flower garden and to have John’s expert advise on the way forward with the vegetable bed.
It was lovely to see so many violets out, it made Mary dream of cup cakes with frosted flowers.

It did look different when every one had finished, two hours isn’t long but you could see a visible change in appearance.

Next Incredible Sunday is June 6th, come and join in, we are hoping for sun.

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