The first Local producers food tent Tod show

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Todmorden Show has always had masses of exotic food vans and stalls selling things like ostrich burgers and the like although there is no ostrich farm in Tod. Sadly they have never really promoted local until this year. Well done Agg show organizers for allowing the showcasing of some of the best local food around.

Super well done to SJ Clegg who through masses of hard work became our very own local food champion extraordinaire. Incredible local food champion SJ Clegg
Without SJ’s efforts above and beyond I don’t think this would have happened.

The Eat and Drink Todmorden tent was a massive success,
Declaration of independents
Here are some of the independent stalls selling incredibly tasty treats.

Carl with his amazing vegetarian Pextenement cheese courtesy of some lovely organic cows living on the green hills above our town
Carl with his Pextenement Cheese

if Sauerkraut is your thing then Pot Bellies have something special for you
Pot Bellies

and with 25 years baking most excellent bread right here in Tod is Saker the bakery
Saker Baker

with wicked cakes cakes to gorgeous to resist its Craggs Cakes
Crags Cakes

Crossmoor Honey had some great honeys including a chili honey
which I am told goes really well with Carl’s cheese and Saker bread
Crossmoor Honey

Heritage Kitchen relishes and marmalades had so many to try it was difficult to choose
Heritage kitchen

One very popular stall was The Fudge Factory , I’m glad I got an early shot
the fudge factory
because most of the day it looked like this and you had to cue to get near
the fudge factory 2 hrs later

The Incredible Farm were there
the Incredible farm
and Jed had his hot chili sauce Zing
Jed's Chilli sauce

The Incredible Aqua Garden were there showing some of the produce they grow and new innovative growing techniques
Incredible Aqua Garden

All under one banner we had these incredible traders
Local food tent banners

Outside there was tapas ice cream and sausages

and signalling the way to all this goodness were Handmade Flags
Handmade Flags mark the spot
we really must keep the focus on our local food producers and hope to see this even bigger and better next year.

sorry to any traders I may have missed this blog is already too long but is the first of several so look out for your stall in the next one

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