The Green Route grows

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Incredible planters along the green route

What a busy Sunday afternoon, it started with mopping the decks clean
Then going into town where I found

Fred very busy building some fab new planters on the canal
tow-path section of the green route,
Ira and Obi agree that these by the horse tunnel are taking shape nicely.

Mary Pam and I chose some trees

We now have plum and apple trees all ready to go in.

Rosy and Ira set off with the barrow to fetch more soil to plant them

the new beds the other end of this section are allready planted with herbs and veg.
Can already imagine the green route finished with bee gardens a tea garden, a soap garden, learning wall go on close your eyes for a second and picture it.

Moving on into town it’s all small steps yet, well quite tall ones really

They meant Rachael could reach the top of the hoarding with ease.
I went home to grab a paint brush from the boat locker and joined in.
We had middle sized people to do the middle section

and smaller people to paint the bottom section

and sensible people to join the dots

and we painted until the paint ran out

So many folk stopped and made positive comments we new we were on the right track.
It was great fun as well as hard work and we will get more paint and keep coming back until the job is finished. But we have done the biggest half of the long side.

The front was done last week and the first of the new made in Todmorden planters was added

keep coming back to see the green route grow.
the small steps will get bigger

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