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The international flavour continues

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Ai Ayah came to from Japan to visit Todmorden to find out all about IET
Ai Ayah from Japan
after coffee and a short presentation in the Golden Lion who carefully put Ai’s luggage away for safe keeping we went for a tour of the town centre. We visited market stalls as well as our growing sites many of our market traders now feature in her article on Japan’s United People website
IE in Japanese
as does Incredible Edible.
Tods market traders are becoming internationally famous, some groups when booking tours are now asking specifically if they can visit the pie man or the cheese lady or as we know them Ham Corner and The Crumbly Cheese and will change their dates to make certain they come on a market day.

Tomorrow May 25th we welcome permaculture expert Stephen Barstow who is coming over from Norway to speak at Todmorden Unitarian . Stephen has devoted thirty years to trialing perennial vegetables from around the world. His salads have been known to contain 538 varieties earning him the title of ‘Extreme Salad Man’
Stephen Barstow
his garden in Norway has over 2,000 edible plants, and each has an ethnobotanical tale and he will tell us about some of these on Monday. The event was now fully booked but now we have changed the venue from the AquaGarden to the Unitarian there is plenty of space just turn up for the 2pm start. I am told the refreshments are going to be rather special.

Next month we will be welcoming visitors from Singapore and the Czech Republic so Tod is getting known worldwide as a place of interest and a must visit destination.
We love that folk want to come and find out about Incredible Edible for themselves and see the town where it all started

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