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The Prince tells it like it is

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It was Fun in the Sun on Wednesday

Having fun is all part of the IET way. We can make the changes we need to make, we don’t need to know the science, that just happens. Plant a seed and nurture it, you get a plant.
I don’t have the words but The Prince certainly does.

Quote from HRH’s Wednesday speech in Manchester, food for thought ….
“You really don’t need to know anything about the biology of bees or ‘ecosystem services’ to know that having a whole lot more beehives in Newcastle has to be a good idea, nor do you need a degree in either nutrition or soil science to know that having fresh vegetables growing along the streets of Todmorden is good for everyone.”

and a quote from earlier in the speech, posted because it shows if we can… you can….
“During my tour I have seen some truly remarkable examples of what can be achieved when people really start to look at things differently. Who would have thought that Newcastle City Council would start to install beehives across the city, or that almost every green space (and some that weren’t originally very green at all) in Todmorden would be turned over to start growing vegetables, maintained by volunteers and picked by all?”

You don’t read speeches?
Well neither do I as a rule, but this one is a must if you are looking for a simpler life, a different way. Read The Princes Speech here

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