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From Malaya for a soggy, soggy tour

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The rain it did rain and the wind it blow.

Mary braved our weather after reading about IET in a Malayan news paper, yes dear reader we made it to The press in Malaya.
When I got to the bear Mary was already there, it was pouring down and blowing fit to bust so we went up to the office for to chat a dry out.

A couple of large cups of Grumpy Mule soon warmed us up and we had a long chat about how and why incredible edible worked. Mary explained how important healthy organic food was in her work at a cancer care hospice.
We talked of the benefits to communities everywhere when people come together and talk, and growing something in public certainly gets people from all walks of life and ethnicities talking together. You would be amazed at the different ways there are of getting the best carrot the biggest potato or the tastiest tomatoes.

Well eventually the rain eased enough to lure us out and we went to see Mary’s garden and the living beehive sculpture, bravely going on to the health centre.

sadly after the apothecary garden we had to admit the elements had beaten us this time, and return to the station for Mary to catch her train. But even here of course there are incredible herbs to see.
Thank you for coming all that way to share with us Mary.

Really looking forward to photos of your growing when yo get home.

Could there be an Incredible Edible in Malaya, well maybe?

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