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Tod’s oats – the story so far

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Marcus and Beth’s great oatily experiment is going well. After trying a variety of planting methods back in early April (seed-bombing, scattering and sowing under nets), one particular patch of oats is showing signs of success.

Whilst birds (or dogs??) picked apart the seed-bombs and the free-scattered seed vanished into thin air, those sown under an old net curtain have persevered and now form a merry mini-meadow down the side of the health centre.

What have we learned from our experiment?
Firstly, that oats can indeed survive Todmorden’s wet, cold and windy climes.
Secondly, that nets are the way to go

Lastly, that they need very little attention. It’s fair to say that after sowing and a little initial watering, both Marcus and Beth proceeded to neglect their oat-babies and yet still they have grown up big and strong.

So what’s next? We know that oats have two planting seasons – spring and autumn.
We’ll keep an eye on our fast-ripening spring batch,

and prepare a larger stretch of ground for the autumn planting.

Incredible Edible T’oatcakes coming soon!

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