Todmorden Hosts UK Premier of Incredible Documentary

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A new inspiring documentary featuring Incredible Edible has been premiered at The Hippodrome Theatre
A section of the documentary featuring the raised growing bed in Todmorden station car park
in Todmorden. The French Film ‘Tomorrow’ explores how local communities have addressed pressing environmental and social issues. It recently won ‘Best Documentary’ at the Cesar Awards (The French Oscars) and includes footage of Nick Green from The Incredible Edible Farm and Mary Clear, Estelle Brown from Incredible Edible Todmorden and Pam Warhurst of Incredible North (together with two young rising local stars, Cid and Ira),
Incredible  rising stars Cid and Ira raising funds to cover the cost of the screening
and explores how the town has taken a pioneering lead in developing innovative ways of growing food and thinking differently about the future.
More than 100 people attended the Todmorden film premier of Tomorrow
More than 100 people attended the showing and went away enthused, clutching their newly purchased Incredible Edible books.
This was the first time the film has been publically screened in the UK. It has already been seen by more than 1.5 million people and there have been special showings at The European Parliament and United Nations. I can think of a certain person with an orange comb-over who now occupies an oval shaped office who should be made to sit down with his cronies to watch this fantastic overview of the future of the planet and the people and communities who are making a positive difference. On the same evening there were simultaneous screenings in Bristol and Totnes, the two other English towns to feature in the film alongside Todmorden.
Helena’s cake featuring Nick and Custard the Cow
Helena’s cake featuring Nick and Custard the Cow

At the end of the screening in Todmorden I reminded people that there are three forthcoming sessions being held in which local people can have their say on how their community should evolve and develop in the future as part of the consultations for Todmorden Neighbourhood Plan. These sessions will focus on specific issues and will be held in The Ballroom of Todmorden Town Hall. The first workshop will focus on asking people what they would like to see happen to local key sites, including Rose Street (and Pollination Street), Victoria Road and The Community College. This will take place between 10-3.30pm on Saturday 28th January.

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