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Todmorden Information Centre, it's just the best!

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I was feeling nervous today as I had the great privilege of taking the staff volunteers and board members of Todmorden Information Centre on an incredible tour around the town they now so well.
Todmorden Information centre
These chaps and chappesses have probably forgotten more about our wonderful town than I will ever learn but my job was to share incredible edible information, something I do know about.
It was with a little trepidation I went to meet them, but my fears soon abated they were so kind and lovely I felt silly for having been nervous.
We set off dodging the snow and hail showers, went along the towpath taking in all the growing and Jake’s incredible artwork, some of which will soon be appearing on merchandise in the TIC shop. They already have our walking tour of the growing map if ever you want to come and explore.
Todmorden Information centre shop
At the health centre, we stopped for a quick photo as the sun came out.
TIC staff volunteers and board members at the health centre
Then it was off past the Hippodrome to pollination street, the police station, college beds and the Asda planters, before going up to the station for one final photo aptly in front of the kindness sign.
TIC staff volunteers and board members at the station
Anything you need to know about Tod you can find out at
Todmorden Information Centre
It was a great tour with clued up knowledgeable folk, I must say a huge thank you to them all for coming out in such cold snowy weather, and to Cynthia Murray for arranging it all, i really enjoyed it and hope you did too.

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