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Todmorden's Incredible Cub Scouts

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Modern scouting has changed

No one would dream of saying dib, dib, dib to any 21st century cub.
But I’m pretty certain these young people could tell you all about a dibber.

and how to use one properly. because these are Todmorden 20th a rather special group, working for their new activity badge. Just look at all the things they they need to do and learn to earn it

Grow it, Cook it, Eat it

You must complete all four the following requirements,
1. Find out where your food comes from and discuss this with your Leadership team.
2. Cultivate an area of garden or an allotment for a period agreed beforehand with the leadership team. (Ask if you can use some land at the place you meet like the Church yard or School garden)
3. Successfully grow three kinds of vegetable. (Use outside easy to grow vegetables)
4. Using your home grown vegetables and local food suppliers / producers plan and cook a simple meal. (you could invite people who have helped you at Cubs or your district commissioner)
5. Discuss the work done and the results achieved. (you could use photos and/or drawings to make a picture board to show your leaders)
An experienced adult adviser will be required to oversee the activities.
For this activity badge you could link in with other sections of the group as well as local growing organization like Incredible Edible Todmorden and cross reference to the Environment Partnership Award.
Useful resources,
Watch it grow for young Gardeners by J Bullock and D James ISBN 1-85434-921-X
Incredible edible recipe cards (Sally) Available on-line from
Real Meals by Phil Vickery Available on-line from the department of Children, Schools and Families
Kids can cook published by Hinkler ISBN978-1-7418-4189-3

Looking at the amazing veg they are growing here at the police station

we think they will each soon have the new badge and wear it with pride of a job well done.

More about the cubs and the recipe cards here

Want to help?

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