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Todmorden's vital signs

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This mini report published by the Community Foundation For Calderdale aims to inform the development of community philanthropy.
It is also hoped it will encourage people to engage in conversation with us about the issues raised in the report.
town hall to pike
This is a warts and all report on our town, a very thought provoking read.
. Todmorden has a higher score for deprivation than the Calderdale
. 27.67% of children in Todmorden are living in poverty
. Todmorden has a significantly higher all-cause mortality rate compared to Calderdale overall (706 deaths per 100,000 compared to 615 per 100,000)
download the full report here
Vital Signs Todmorden.pdf

IET take positive action using kindness and sharing, education and support for local business to try and improve our town and build a stronger more resilient community.

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