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Top Cop gets the incredible message

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Wow what a week that was we had 6 incredible tours.

It started on Sunday with a group from Dearn Valley Groundworks coming for a tour and just in time the sun came out so for a nice change we didn’t end up soggy. They understood about having accidental gardens, the kind that just happen.

Guerilla gardening sounds a little aggressive and we are gentle souls who just have accidents with plants. We met some of the first Sunday gardening crew working at the railway beds

They had just come from giving the Police station planters a tidy ready for the top brass to visit in the week.
I was so pleased I didn’t have a tour on Monday as the heavens opened and we had minor flooding again. But Tuesday the sun shone as I rather nervously made my way to the cop shop. The thought of meeting Sir Norman Bettison the Chief Constable of Yorkshire made me a little nervous. When I was a kid coppers coud still give you a clip round the ear and send you home if you misbehaved. I was pretty sure that wouldnt happen this time though.
But what should I call him Sir? Chief Constable? suppose I get it wrong, but I needent have worried Inspector Dave Browning aked him for me and the chief said
“call me Norman” suddenly everything was ok.

Sir Norman was quite taken with the planting and the way the community police have forged strong links with IET and other voluntary groups in Tod.

Here he is with a special slate made to mark his visit. It was great talking about the reduction in antisocial behaviour, and vandalism that in no small part is down to us all working together, and growing veggies in public places is a big part of that.

When I left Norman I dashed off to meet Mary and Valentin Thurn

a documentary film maker from Germany he is director of documentaries for German (ARD, ZDF, ARTE), and international TV channels

We went on a tour of the town and I was filmed for little pilot shorts. Don’t worry dear reader When Valentin comes back in the spring to make a film about Tod it wont be me getting filmed but sensible people who can do it properly. We have to show our incredible town at its best.

Wednesday I abandoned my post and took a day off and Sally did a tour with a party from Dunbar in Scotland, while Mary showed another group all the growing sites. We just have so many visitors coming to see our town it’s great for local business.

Thursday I was back and we had folk from U3A Weatherfield come to see us.

They completely understood our message and asked lots of pertinent questions, we always learn a lot from our visitors too, one lady from the group told us how she used to watch silent films accompanied by someone playing the piano at tour Hippodrome, it was great showing her the town as it is now and hearing how it used to be from her.

Next week we have people from Congleton on Monday, Permaculture students Tuesday, and the environment agency on Wednesday and on the 20th Joe is doing a tour with Rotherham U3a.
All these visits are great for us and give a nice mini boost to the towns econonomy

we just love showing Todmorden to the world it truly is an incredible place to live

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