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Transition Tyndale comes to Tod

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After a few hiccups and postponements do to sever flood warnings a horrendous weather
it was looking like the visit from TT just wasn’t going to be. But I think Richard and I were determined come hell or high water we would make this happen. S after many emails phone call and texts they arrived.
After what they tell me was a fabulous lunch in the bear, they joined me at the Unitarian for a short presentation. As we were a small group and all very informal and we did a Q&A as I showed the presentation
with new questions being raised as the slides came up. It wouldn’t work with a large group though as it wouldn’t have the same intimacy.

After the presentation IET brollies in hand we set off for a tour and a great exchange of information. I learned some new phrases like “social capital” something we are adding to by growing community along with the veg.
Now that kind of capitalism I could go for. I think that Hexham might be a bit specailif all the folk are like these
Transition Tynedale tor Tod

We will be trying to arrange another visit once the Aqua Garden is completed, so they can see both that and the Incredible Farm.
And they all left their emails for our Network website manager Tanya to be sure we don’t lose touch

Richard is going to write about the trip on
so keep checking the TT website.

Thank for coming to Tod TT yesterday was great

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