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Tucking our beds up warm for winter? (counting sheep)

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People passing by the lovely new raised beds being built outside the Community College may have noticed that two of them are covered in lovely sheep wool,
woolly bed
and more will be similarly covered up over the next few days. Have we in IET finally gone completely loopy? Well maybe, but there is a plan behind it.

Just before Christmas we were contacted by Julie Turner of Turnacre Ryeland Wool products Julie has a small farm on the tops above Luddenham and has a beautiful flock of sheep she spins and weaves and makes lovely things from their wool. However sheep being sheep some of the wool is pretty mucky and cannot be used for spinning. Not being a woman who likes things to be wasted Julie offered this poopy wool to us as a mulch and long-term fertiliser.
fleece of many colours
The wool will sit on top of the beds during the winter, keeping out the light and thus the weeds, while the Todmorden rain washes the poop down into the soil. It will also help to keep the soil warm for the spring. In the spring we will dig some of it in to provide slow release fertilizer for our plants and add the rest to our compost heap to break down further.
fleeced bed

Many thanks to Julie and her flock for this opportunity to recycle and improve our growing beds.

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