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Turned out busy again

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Well I thought today would be a slow one, apart from fitting a curtain track in the kitchen I only had one incredible meeting in my diary, but it turned into a very satisfying busy day.
After answering the morning inbox I put up the aforesaid track and hung the curtain then set off to meet Lena from Sweden who is writing a Masters Thesis on urban agriculture/guerilla Gardening and the right to public space at Stockholm University. Sounds just up our street.

on my way I bumped into Danny the Aqua Garden apprentice with bags full of very fine looking herbs he was delivering to Scot Patient the brilliant chef at the Bear cafe bar so popped down to the Kitchen for a photo opp, love to snap a full bright any chance I get.
Danny delivers herbs to Scott in the Bear cafe kitchen

Then it was upstairs for my meeting, Lena emailed to say she was running a little late after getting stuck in traffic. It can be awful driving from Manchester especially on a Friday afternoon.
As luck would have it Pam, Mary and Aine had just finished a meeting with a lovely group of people from Petrus so time to put the camera to work again
Pam, Mary and Aine with visitors from Petrus

Back to the bear now just in time to meet Lena. We had a good chat about all things incredible and edible while I showed her a presentation on my ipad and Lena made notes on hers. Then we braved the weather to take a liitle stroll around some of our growing sites and would you believe it the rain stopped and by the time we got to the cop shop the sun was shining Lena Toribio from Stockholm
it was great afternoon and as we walked we talked about the ins and outs of growing on land we didn’t own, planning permission, democracy and people power we had almost but not quite put the world to rights when we got back to the bear for Lena’s three o-clock meeting with Lindsay to talk more about place making and academic stuff. I took myself off for a quick chat with Mary before wending my way home at the end of another satisfying day.

And the curtain track was still up, incredible!

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