Two more courses on the go!

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IET’s courses roll on and last week saw the start of Edible Fungi.

There wasn’t mush room in the teaching kitchen at Todmorden College
as Dr Paul Thomas asked a full house of 19 learners whether anyone had grown fungi before.
Several people had had a go at growing from kits but for most it had not been a particularly bountiful experience – this course is going to put that right! There are many good edible species in this country most of which flourish in mature woodland or well-established pasture. Paul passed round samples of various fungi.

Eileen and Sarah examine a lovely oyster mushroom flowering in a jar.

After a fascinating introduction, Paul led the group on a walk around the woods at the Unitarain Church to look at habitats. In the next session, the group will be planting spawn to grow their own.
Tuesday evening saw Sue Goodwin setting up her kit back at the College kitchen for the first session of the Domestic Herbal Medicine course.

Sue highlighted how fundamental plants are to our existence on this planet –producing oxygen, feeding us, providing us with all manner of textiles from building materials to cloth, and healing us. Sue plans to concentrate on using herbs local to our area and this week she began with Comfrey,
It’s easy to grow (almost too easy – can take over a bit)
but is good for treating wounds and reducing the inflammation associated with sprains and broken bones. It also makes a fantastic fertiliser if you let the leaves soak in water.
(Take a look at our herbal section, which Sue has been helping us produce – including regular herbs of the month!)
Seven more weeks of herbal medicine to go including a field trip. A big thank you to everyone who is taking part –tutors and learners alike. And just as we share the food we grow, we look forward to our learners sharing their new skills and knowledge with the rest of us in future.

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