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Using Our Loaves

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Today Incredible Edible Tod were using their loaves along with the lovely ladies and their husbands from Dinely Ave up at Ashenhurst. Joined by our resident bread maker Carole Roberts, a big fan and supporter of the Real Bread Campaign, we all got stuck in.
There was plenty of kneading and stretching and lots of laughter while we pounded the dough and plenty of brews when the proving was taking place.
It was long before we had our loaves ready for the oven, (don’t you just love the smell of that bread wafting through your kitchen) Gemma who is ten weeks away from giving birth was our bread scorer or as we named her the slasher as she cut through them loaves, before we sprinkled our oats, poppy seeds and other groovy stuff on top of the bread before baking.
It was a fantastic morning and when the bread came out of the oven it just looked and smelt amazing, can’t wait to get mine home and put some butter on it. Thanks Heather and Tina for giving up your kitchens, it was a great morning with lots of laughter, we must do it again soon

ps The ladies have formed their own community group and are raising funds for a children’s playground on the estate. They have some money but they need more and will be fund raising over the next few months, if you can help in some way lets us know I can pass the message on to them

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