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Using Todmorden College roof water

Last update: 5.08.11 First posted: 5.08.11 by in

Does my butt look big in this?

Yes it does but we love big butts, especially when they have been donated by Yorkshire Water and installed for us by these great guys from Haven

It took a lot of hard work and the butts were checked inside and out and taps were fitted and sealed with mastic to prevent leaks

It didn’t look easy fixing them into the drain pipe to divert the water but it soon got done and now we have some very efficient good looking water storage, dare I say all we need now is some rain to fill them up.

The water that falls on the college roof will come down the drain pipe and fill the water buts and be there ready for us to use in dry spells.

Huge thank you Yorkshire Water, we love big butts.

update they work!

I went past yesterday (4th August) in the pouring rain and couldn’t resist just turning on the tap to see and they work beautifully

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