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Valentina goes all herbidacious at the station

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Valentina was just going to catch her train home when she came across incredible volunteers Jude and Ginny. With time to kill waiting for her train Valentina got stuck in lending a hand
Valentina from Italy get busy at the station
there is plenty to do to get all the tubs planted and up to scratch
Valentina has time to plant while waiting for her train

sadly at the moment there is no access to water on platform 2 so until we have a system to capture the roof water we need your help please.
thirsty herbs
If you regularly catch the train to Halifax or Leeds could you bring a little drop of water with you, or if you are getting of the train from Manchester and have a drop or two left in a water bottle our plants would be glad of it

Please help if you can it will make such a difference.

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