Vegware, growing food goes full circle

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Throw away! disposable! doesn’t have to mean landfill

We are trying out new green disposables from Vegware it’s amazing compostable table ware made from corn starch by Natureworks LLC, not oil-based plastic.
So at Kidsfest this year we went disosable because the new table ware means we can forget about washing up and about landfill

these throw away cups wont go in the corporation dust cart, to add to waste disposal problems

they will go straight off to TEG the lovely people who turn the food waste put out for collection into incredible compost. Now this may come as a shock to some folk like it did to Ira, but all these cups, plates, spoons, glasses, straws and napkins will be growing our town centre veg,

now that is what I call incredible.

Vegeware is equally good for cold glass of juice with a stripy straw

Or a mug of hot home made soup with a spoon

and no washing up, no kitchen sink hands or expensive energy heating water.

So although Kidsfest was full all the time with folk needing refreshment we had no qualms throwing away our cups and plates because we knew

we could enjoy all the convenience of disposables but none of the worries because this big sack of waste will be made into

wonderful TEG compost for us to barrow away to fill our food to share community beds ready to grow more veg

“from garden to plate” may have to become “Plate to garden” as we really do complete a growing cycle.

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