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Visit by landscape planner from NZ

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We often get emails saying things like…..

“I am aiming to come to Todmorden for a 1st hand look at IET. I was hoping to be able to meet with you (or whoever would be willing to answer the million questions I’ve got).”

The thing that made this one different was where and who it was from, namely Tim King, a landscape planner/architect urban designer from Common Ground Studio NZ’s premier urban design company, who after hearing Mary speak on NZ radio wanted to know more.

Unlike a lot of planner/architects they think of themselves as just in the business of building community – whether that’s community renewal/economic development or new greenfields development.

They are pretty hot on urban agriculture, rural protection and rural community too as the primary elements underpinning sustainable community overall. Among other things they are involved with a couple of Councils at the district-wide level to build in our sort of initiative from the ground up.

Of course Mary said come visit we’ll give you a tour, so Friday Tim came to see for himself, first a visit to the Incredible Walsden project and a chat to Nick, then Lunch at Mary’s followed by a tour of the town.
Starting with the canal and the new beds

then down to the health centre where we were joined by Tim’s wife and daughter, together we went on to the college where Tim took a few shots of the food to share beds

Then into Christ Church cemetery to snack on peas

and some more photos of the National School’s beds

Tim and “Common Ground” are to be part of rebuilding Christchurch NZ after the dreadful earthquake that levelled large areas of the city, he was keen to see if some of IET’s ideas and ethos might be adjusted and influence the way they approach this mega task.
Maybe Christ Church Tod will in spirit be part of the new Christchurch NZ Mary has an open invitation to go and see when the job is done, and we will be keeping in touch with Tim and his incredible task.

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