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visitors from Carcaboso Spain

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The international interest in Incredible Edible continues, could Carcaboso be the next IE
Well from what these lovely visitors from Spain were telling today it is certainly on the cards.

We met at the Unitarian where with the help of a presentation and Q&A I explained what we do and why we do it and what we expect from groups who want to use our name.
After a really interesting exchange of ideas we went for a tour stopping for photos at Mary’s sharing garden where everything is growing like crazy
visitors from Spain at Mary's sharing garden

The bed provided by Physio & Therapies was greatly admired, especially as it was made by this local business to show kindness by providing free food to share
checking out the fabulous Physio & Therapies beds
Then on to the police station to see the cop shop beds for a quick photo opportunity with the big artichoke
at the police station

Now these aren’t folk just thinking about doing something, among the group was the mayor and two councillors. This Mayor is a cut above the norm and has already driven through plans to make agricultural land available for people to grow food, starting with four sites they now have dozens and will be sending us details of how it was done. Maybe it could be duplicated here.
This is one very brave Mayor here with two councillors who really did ask themselves what they could do for their town and then went out and did it.
The mayor of Carcaboso centre and two councillors
I feel very privileged to have spent an afternoon with these truly incredible people from Carcaboso

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