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Visitors from Hull and Dijon

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Sunday morning while the volunteers were busy working I met Allison and Bob from the Emaus Project in Hull, and Benedicte a mature student from Dijon, who had come to study IET to help improve her English, which was very near perfect anyway.
here they are at Pollination Street
Bob and Allison from Hull with Benedicte from Dijon
we went all around and caught up with our visitors from Spain who had a tour yesterday and the workers at the community college
working on the community college beds
and other weeding and picking berries opposite the bus station
weeding and berry picking
then it was back to the Unitarian for an incredible vegan sausage stew cooked for us by Mary.
volunteers and visitors all eat together
followed by an incredible summer pudding. beetroot and rose ice cream and chocolate cake. but the most important thing on the menu was conversation all ages joined in
deep conversations start over food
from small people to tall people everyone talks and shares
their cares and joys and get to know one each other better
its great to all talk together over shared food
some conversations are can only be shared between brothers
some lunch time conversations are intriguing
but it really is good to talk.

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