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Visitors from Hull come to Tod

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Can this really be damp old Todmorden?
We had lovely folk come over from Hull today and again we had sunshine, if this keeps up we may have to start watering.
We started with an incredible presentation by Mary who explained the incredible ethos with humour and passion, and when the applause stopped we all had lunch. There was Todmorden cheese, humus from the bear, Todmorden made bread form Saker served with salad prepared by Mary and Lauren, followed by cake and scones with cream an fresh strawberries.
Visitors from Hull grab some lunch of salad, Todmorden cheese, humus from the bear, saker bread and olives
When we were all stuffed full we set off to tour the town stopping first at
Mary’s sharing garden and then under the horse tunnel onto the canal
Visitors from "Link Up" Hull
We went along the canal to the health centre where our visitors commented on
the clever design of of the raised beds with seating.
Crossing the road we took in the theatre beds and then came to the wonderful
new food to share beds outside Physio & Therapies, these beds are here purely
by the generosity of this Todmorden business
visitors check out Physio & Therapies new food to share beds
It really is kind of them and we should like to say an incredible thank you to
Lynne and Richard for their hard work planting all this veg for everyone.
new jewel in Todmorden' growing crown
When we arrived at Pollination street we met a couple who had driven over from York having bee told by the folk at El piano that we had green walls. I explained that we didn’t and invited them to join us for the rest of the tour which they did. We continued on to the police station and community college and ended our tour at the train station where we left our visitors from York, who when I said I hope they weren’t too disappointed that they hadn’t seen any green walls kindly said “ Not at all what we have seen here is better”
So back to the Unitarian where after another brew we eventually said our goodbyes and the incredible folk from Hull left to go home.

And still the sun shone, perfect

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