Walsden In May

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Suddenly nothing happened. Sure, vegetables quietly grew, eggs were laid and chicks hatched, customers in 7 local resturaunts ate the freshest, crispiest salad and people bought and planted locally produced apple trees, but no drama. Just doing the thing, growing and harvesting, walking the walk.

Kiya, official site footwear tester, models the steel toe cap wellies the town council funds bought us, thank you Tod Town Council.

kiya in safety boots

Here she is again supervising quacking activities, our new geese are growing fast.

kiya with geese

And our salad at The Rake Tapas in Littlebourough, oh and that’s our Elad, awed by the thought of eating it?

salad at rake

Here he is again with a duckling, part of our freshwater navy.
elad and duckling

And we continue to develop the site, here are 10 new outside beds. The containers are rainwater storage and passive solar for the new polytunnel.
new beds and tanks

Asparagus is peeping thru, yum!

Inside the Polytunnel, theres another polytunnel, the inner sanctum, it’s WARM!

Inner sanctum
Inside there are courgettes in flower
corgette flower
And Russian Bush Toms from the Real Seed Cataloge
bush toms in bloom
Agreti (a higly prized and rare delicacy like samphire) from seeds of italy
Lemon Grass, from seed
lemon grass
The sugar peas, ‘oregon’, touch the ceiling, twice the height the packet told us to expect!
sugar peas

We harvest edible flowers
Edible flowers
Crimson broad beans are coming into bloom
scarlette broad beans

It’s all coming together nicely!

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